Laxmi_Indian Food Company

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OVERVIEW: Laxmi is a well known brand with a full array of products ranging from rice, beans, legumes, condiments, spices and exotic flours representing all regions of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Laxmi produces and manufactures a variety of Indian foods under its own Laxmi brand and partners with several international distributors. They distribute whole, ground, and blended spices which provide authentic flavor in Indian cooking and other Asian cuisines. Other areas of the Laxmi product line include snacks and sweets, a full lineup of frozen foods, as well as a variety of beverage mixes, teas, and fruit drinks.

CHALLENGE: The Laxmi brand strives to appeal to both Eastern and Western consumers. It sees itself as a leader in the International market, yet that image is not reflected through its logo and graphics. It goes to great lengths to improve its product selection and customer service, but its brand falls short. In fact, the brand feels generic and cliché, and it fails to embrace a new generation of customers; namely, the American audience. Furthermore, the typography is weak and lacks hierarchy— this makes it difficult, for example, to navigate between the different types of products offered, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the Indian cuisine. Interestingly, there are currently no well known leaders in the Indian food industry that target the American audience. This is a perfect opportunity to set Laxmi apart from their competition by creating a unique line of treats.


RE-BRANDED LAXMI: Laxmi is an Indian grocery company that offers the taste of India with its many flavorful spices. The newly rebranded design elevates the cooking and sensorial tasting experience while respecting the grace of Laxmi’s feminine nature. This rebrand introduces the American audience to the world of sacred Indian cuisine by guiding them to expand their palate into the journey of authentic Indian taste.

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